Central Chapter and Big Rigs went to Middelburg on 24 February 2019

Motorists on the N12 and the N4, and spectators in Middelburg, were treated to a spectacular sight this weekend. The public had an exciting opportunity to view ridiculously cool, rare, sought-after and beautiful motorcycles and trucks – together.

Wing Riders of South Africa and friends, and Big Rigs, rode together on Sunday, 24 February, from Johannesburg to Middelburg. The Honda Gold Wing is internationally known as “the bike that makes you smile”. To have had the opportunity to see these motorcycles, riding in convoy with huge, powerful, shiny, well-loved trucks, created several goosebumps moments.

Wing Riders of South Africa prides itself on riding the best touring bikes ever made. These bikes are not only amazing machines to own and ride, but are absolute show-stoppers when displayed in public.

Wing Riders of South Africa also pride themselves in being the best that bikers can be and that they set an example to all bikers, irrespective of what they choose to ride.

The Big Rigs started riding together about three years ago and they do runs just like Wing Riders SA does. All the trucks are collector items. They are prized possessions and are very well taken care of; the trucks do not “work”. They are mostly left-hand drive vehicles and were imported before 1997. South Africa does not allow the import of left-hand drive trucks since then. One of the trucks has 5½ million km on the odometer and the one with the lowest mileage, stands on about 360 000 km. The long-nosed trucks are very rare in SA; there are only an estimated 50 of them in the country. Big Rigs has members from Nelspruit, Hazyview, Pretoria, Krugersdorp and Johannesburg.

Motorists should always remember that they are sharing the road with motorcyclists and always be alert. Safe riding practices and co-operation from all road users will help to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on our roads. It is especially important for motorists to understand the safety challenges faced by motorcyclists, such as visibility and size. By raising motorists’ awareness, both drivers and riders will be safer sharing the road.

Both motorcycles, as well as motorists, should always be aware that trucks have large No-Zones on both sides, the front and behind. Truck drivers cannot see vehicles in these blind spots. The front blind spot is particularly dangerous if a motorcycle or car need to stop quickly. Because of their lighter weight and braking system, motorcycles and cars can stop much faster than trucks. A truck may not be able to stop as quickly, so everyone needs to take special precautions to avoid crashes, always.

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