Central Chapter: Newsletter August 2018


Hello to all the Wingers and Winglettes

  1. Thank you to Dias for selecting a very interesting venue for our successful July run. We were over 50 people and plenty of gadget sales were made by Nic and Maraai.
  2. Cars in the Park on Sunday, 5 August, is coming up. Thanks to Luke for taking control of the arrangements for this event.
  3. Our next important activity at Honda Menlyn in Pretoria is on 11 August. There are a number of activities in parallel here:

3.1 It will be show-and-shine for the entertainment of the public. Members are invited to participate in a Concourse d’ Elegance. Luke will be testing the judging criteria as it is laid out in the Member Manual. It is then to be cast in stone for future Wing Fling judging after member input has been evaluated.

3.2 Two beautiful trophies will be competed for on the day to make the spit and polish worthwhile. Inside information tells me we will have a few surprises on the day.

3.3 Honda will also have the 2018 Gold Wing on display.

3.4 Zenda did magic and organised a number of vendor stalls. Central will be rewarded handsomely for their participation. We have learnt beforehand that we might get into trouble if we sell cooked food to the public without the necessary authorisation, hence the vendors. Nothing stops us from selling homemade gifts and eats from Nic’s trailer. I hear Frankie is already planning.

  1. Our mystery run is now organised and booked. 25 and 26 August. Barbara is still not spilling the beans. Be ready to be surprised.
  2. Lastly, to be sure we make our activities work like clockwork:

We are more than 80 people in Central Chapter. Our main method of communication is through this Central Official group. This is what we have. As we saw it again last Sunday, it is impossible to have a meeting in an open area or in a public area. Too noisy and half the messages get lost.

We are urging you to respect the rules of this group and the platform for what advantages it offers to us as members.

As in any community, one cannot satisfy everybody and have consensus on everything.

Therefore – do not use the Central Official communication group as a means for general communication. If there is disagreement, unhappiness or whatever, with an individual or an individual’s comments, please have a private conversation in this regard.

By all means, if Central information is needed to be distributed and of concern to all members, use the group. That is what it there for. Please respect the comments and input of the members and make sure the group is muted to read when it suits you. This will ensure communication is crisp and clear. We all enjoy a bantering, a laugh, some useless information, interesting information, etc. Use the Central Social group for this as often as you wish.

That all for this month.

Safe riding and start the polishing … the 9th is a public holiday. So, no excuse for a dirty Wing on the 11th.