Central Chapter: Newsletter February 2018

Hello Everybody

As we get more into the swing of chapter-related matters, we try new things. Some more successful than others, but if you do not try, you will never know. Sometimes it will come with change.

This letter is one of those new things we are implementing today. We have discussed amongst ourselves and acknowledged that it is very impractical to have our monthly meeting in a public place during the run. It is both noisy and distracting to non-related people. On top of that, members who cannot make the run, miss out on the information. So, from now on, we will issue a monthly information “letter” before a run to keep everybody abreast of what is happening. We will endeavour to have it with you a few days before the run, so apologies for this one reaching you so late.

1) A big thank you to all the members that have paid the annual fees and ride-along fees already. We have only a few outstanding. Well done Central!

2) A reminder about the Kakamas Mini Wing Fling for the end of April. Details are on the website, Facebook and WhatsApp Official group. Please feel free to contact Chris or Suzette for more information. Further details will also be sent to you next week by e-mail.

3) A very early reminder: Please diarise the weekend of 25 and 26 August in order to keep it open. This will be our Mystery Weekend away. Barbara will identify the place where we will be led into temptation by her.

4) We have a number of potential new members joining us tomorrow. Please show them the Wing Riders and Central hospitality and spirit!

5) Out next run is on the 4th of March and details will be posted soon. We will most probably have a pitstop get-together in Cullinan and then a stop (and a dip in the pool) at Nic and Maraai’s home.

6) Central Chapter has acquired a number of the badges that were normally kept with National. Nic has volunteered to be the “smous” at every run. This will also feed Central’s funds a bit.

7) Regarding the flurry of activity on the Central Official group yesterday, we learned another valuable lesson. My personal request to everybody is to rather contact me, or any one of the Central Committee members directly, if there is an issue to be discussed. Misunderstandings appear when a message is not clear and, with us, all being human, interpret it in a different number of ways.

To take yesterday’s example of the misunderstanding, the intention is that we would like to sing the Wing Song as many times as we can, but we will not do it where we annoy or inconvenience other people. Who else have what we have – meaning a club song? So, we will judge every occasion properly before we do it.

8) With this kind of written communication, it is quite possible that we might have missed something. Please remind us/discuss during the run and then we can do a follow-up communication to be sure all members are on the same page.

9) Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the track day on the 20th of May due to the low response for participation. Most probably we will keep the venue as a run, but no track participation.

10) Lastly, a reminder why we do what we do as a Wing Riders club: To create an opportunity to ride our Wings together and to create a platform where we can socialise together. Please do not let any other issues put this in jeopardy.


Jaap Grobler