Wing Riders SA joins the Ride for a Child World Record Attempt 2024

The initial announcement for Ride for a Child 2024 was made on the Wing Riders SA Social Group in January. After hearing about the event, Marius du Toit expressed interest in joining the group for the record attempt in Jeffreys Bay. During Central Chapter’s first outride event, Marius spoke with fellow riders Adriaan and Rianna, who also decided to participate. Pieter and Monika, who already had travel plans in the area at the time of the record attempt, made arrangements to join as well. Additionally, Neels and Laura joined the riders in White River for the 7 000 km ride.

On Friday, 23 February at 03:00, Marius, Adriaan, Joekie, and Riana embark on their journey to Port Elizabeth. Fuelled by a flask of condensed milk coffee, they share plenty of laughs during the trip. Arriving in Port Elizabeth just as the sun sets, they retire to bed early in preparation for an early start on Saturday morning.

On February 24th at 04:00, we woke up to load-shedding, desperately in need of coffee! Marius quickly hops on the Fat Lady, and the closest Seattle Coffee Co provides us with our much-needed wake-up fix. By 06:00, we’re on our way to Tsitsikamma Total at the Storms River bridge. As we pull into the garage, we’re greeted by Neels, Laura, Hans, and Retha at the pumps, and the Wing Family warmly exchanges greetings. It’s clear to all the other bikers that the Wing Family has arrived. Our Gold Wings are parked together, drawing the attention of passersby. Pieter and Monika join us, completing our group. Neels introduces Dr. André Hattingh, the event organiser, to our group, and we’re fortunate enough to capture a photo of all of us together.

Around 11:00, the ride officially kicks off. The Wing Riders are able to maintain a close formation, evoking a sense of pride among the group. The N2 is closed off, and as we proceed, we witness a sea of bikes riding in a staggered formation for many kilometres ahead and behind us. Along the route, more bikers wait by the side of the N2, eager to join the procession. With speeds averaging around 60 km per hour, riders engage in lively conversations as we traverse the 100-kilometer stretch. Eventually, we exit the highway and enter the Kouga Summer Festival grounds. Welcomed by a beer tent and food stalls, the Wing Riders enjoy spending time together, mingling with fellow bike enthusiasts.

Marius, Adriaan, Rianna, and Joekie head back to Dirkies Dream Guesthouse, where we unwind for the afternoon, taking in the breathtaking sea view. Later in the evening, while enjoying dinner, we receive the thrilling news: “WE HAVE DONE IT. THE RECORD HAS BEEN BROKEN. Well done everybody!”

Sunday morning at 04:00, we hit the road once again, making our journey back to Gauteng.

We are immensely proud to be part of this remarkable group of individuals – Heroes without Capes – who selflessly dedicate their time to making a difference in the lives of children, all while having an incredible time doing so. Thank you, Wing Riders, for exemplifying true heroism.

Written by Joekie du Toit

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