2024-06-09 Central Chapter outride to Wet Nose


On 9 June 2024, members of the Central Chapter of Wing Riders SA embarked on a Charity Run to the Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre with approximately 100 people on 40 bikes, trikes and a few vehicles.

On behalf of Wet Nose, we would like to thank the following donators:

Members of Central Chapter of Wing Riders SA Dog food, cat food, treats, toys, pillows and blankets
Ecohealth, Pretoria 5 x 20 kg dog food and 2 x 8 kg cat food
KWD Feeds in Bronkhorstspruit 2 x 50 kg dog food and 2 x 20 kg cat food
Noag Animal Clinic in Pretoria Donation of dog food and treats
Alzu Bronkhorstspruit Dog food
Pet Master, Alberton 1 x20 kg dog food, rope toy and 4 x 50g dog biscuits
Nortjé Accountants, Bronkhorstspruit 2 x 25 kg dog food
Montego Pet Nutrition Has placed Wet Nose on their regular donation list for the future – thank you!

A total of 89 blankets, 720 kg of adult dog food (food for 9 days), 45 kg of puppy food (food for the rest of the month), and 74 kg of cat food were donated by the members of Wing Riders SA and the sponsors named above.

Wet Nose is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of abandoned, abused, and neglected animals, offering a second chance at a loving home. Wet Nose operates without government or municipal funding, relying on the generosity of the animal-loving public. Whether you adopt, donate, sponsor, or utilise their services, your support directly contributes to the care and well-being of over 600 animals in the shelter.

About Wing Riders SA

Wing Riders SA was born in 1983. Four decades of roaring engines, shared adventures, and unwavering camaraderie have brought members together and shaped this association into the thriving community it is today.

Wing Riders SA prides itself on riding the best touring motorcycles ever made. These bikes and trikes are not only amazing machines to own and ride, but are absolute show-stoppers when displayed in public. The Honda Gold Wing is internationally known as “the bike that makes you smile”.

Wing Riders SA stands as a testament to the power of shared passions. Members come from diverse backgrounds, professions, and walks of life, yet the rumble of engines and the thrill of the ride have brought members together in a bond that transcends all boundaries. Their journeys have not only taken them to distant horizons, but have also woven a tapestry of friendships that have stood the test of time.

Wing Riders SA also prides itself in being the best that bikers can be and that it sets an example to all bikers, irrespective of what they choose to ride.

Motorists should always remember that they are sharing the road with motorcyclists and must remain alert. Safe riding practices and cooperation from all road users are essential to reducing the number of fatalities and injuries on our roads. It is especially important for motorists to understand the safety challenges faced by motorcyclists, such as visibility and size. By raising awareness among motorists, both drivers and riders can enjoy safer road conditions.

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