History of Wing Riders SA


The history as reflected below, was compiled from various write-ups and conversations and much digging and browsing through piles of dusty documents by André Engelbrecht and his wife, Amorita. At the same time, Richard Holmes, Allan and Linda Casey, Wynand Smith, Deon van Zyl, Godelieve Nijs, Anton Bellingan, Peter Stelling, Anna Smith and Audrey Poole all contributed memories, as they recall them.

Thank you to each of you for your contribution. We know that there is much, much more knowledge and information locked up in the treasure chests of the memories of our members. We urge all members to delve into those memories and to please share them with us – stories and photos of times gone by.

I will be happy to receive them and to publish them here on our website in order to preserve them for generations to come.

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Early beginnings

In 1983 two excited young guys, complete strangers, Nico Barnard and Richard Holmes, both with one thing in common, each became proud owners of the best touring motorcycle in the world at the time, the Honda Gold Wing GL1100.

They met at the Honda Centre, Bree Street, Cape Town, to take ownership and collect their dream bikes – Nico, a Honda GL1100 Interstate, and Richard, a GL1100 Standard. Pat Goodall of Honda Centre, an old friend, requested that they go and enjoy a cup of coffee, as the bikes were not quite ready and would take about another half an hour. They then made their way to a restaurant with all the excitement of discussing the bikes over a cup of coffee. Nico made a suggestion and discussed the merits of creating a Gold Wing club in the Western Cape. Richard immediately agreed and found it an exciting idea. After returning to Honda Centre, they met up with Chris Bauermeester, a traffic official just visiting the Honda Centre at that time, who was the owner of a 1976 Honda GL1000. He was excited at the prospect of establishing a club and declared himself available to assist where possible.

They then approached Pat Goodall with this proposal. Without any hesitation he stated that he was in favour of the idea and that he would, where possible, support them with the creation of a club and promised that Honda Centre would also sponsor the club by paying the costs of all newsletters and correspondence relating to the club. He and Chris, through the Traffic Department, then supplied Nico and Richard with a list of names of other Gold Wing owners. Honda Centre forwarded invitations to all listed owners of Silver and Gold Wings to attend an inaugural meeting at the Kimberley Hotel in Roeland Street, Cape Town, in September 1983.

On the night of the meeting eleven bike owners turned up. After welcomes and introductions and settling down with some liquid refreshments, they then got down to discussing the formation of a prestigious club. Nico proposed that this club should join the American Club GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders Association) and become a chapter thereof. He explained the principles and aims of GWRRA, an international organisation with chapters all over the world. He also explained that, once a year, GWRRA chapters all over the world hold a rally called the Wing Ding, which is their annual highlight.

After further discussions, the proposal was unanimously accepted and named the club GWRRA Western Cape. The cost of the membership at that time was $30 each and opened the world to any member touring, by enabling him to contact other members wherever where he would be welcomed, assisted and hosted on his travels.

They then decided to hold a meeting the first Thursday of every month at the same venue and a club run was to be organised every third Saturday of the month.

A committee was elected with Chris Bauermeester elected as the first Chairman and the club was to be run under the conditions and constitution of GWRRA, once the South African chapter was accepted as members. The SA chapter, was accepted before the end of 1983.


The birth of a club

In 1984, the Western Cape Chapter was invited by the Reef and Natal Chapters of GWRRA, who had established themselves in 1981, to attend their annual Wing Ding, which was being held at Joey’s Resort at the P.K. Le Roux Dam at Van Der Kloof in the Free State over a weekend in October. Nico and Anne-Marie Barnard, Chris and Pat Bauermeester, John and Ann Cole (who had joined the Club prior to the invitation) and Richard Holmes (four bikes) met at Chris’ house in October 1984 and went to the Wing Ding where about 50 bikes attended. This being their first long trip on the Gold Wing, proved very exciting. On the long trip, the Gold Wing proved itself to be a magnificent, reliable and comfortable tourer, doing just over 2 500 km in four days. This first Gold Wing-involved rally, together with all the excitement thereof, also proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable event at a lovely and suitable venue. Wing Riders from all over South Africa had been invited and strangers soon became friends and the camaraderie that developed made members proud to be a Wing Rider.

A general meeting was held at the rally where a representative of Midmacor, Johan Hattingh, proposed that because of the cost and the returns for South African members not being very good, especially when it came to recruiting new members, that a South African club be created. After some discussion on pros and cons, this proposal was unanimously accepted. Thus, the birth of a club.

It was proposed and accepted that it be called Wing Riders of South Africa and each province with a club would become affiliated. A National Council was then elected with a President at the helm to co-ordinate and maintain continuity in the provinces. The Council was to be elected on an annual basis.

It was also proposed and accepted that the club would have an annual rally called a Wing Fling and that each province would have a turn in organising and hosting it. On the return trip to the Reef after this rally, Johan Hattingh and company called in at the Rob Ferreira Resort at Christiana and laid the foundations for the first Wing Fling to be held in 1985.


Formation of the new club

The beginning of Wing Riders Western Cape

At the beginning of 1985, all provinces received invitations from Johannesburg to join the new club called Wing Riders of SA. A number of riders immediately joined, but there appeared to be lethargy by the other Western Cape GWRRA members to form a regional club of Wing Riders of SA, which in some way frustrated a very keen and enthusiastic John Cole, who was becoming deeply involved with the club. He then took the bull by the horns by sending out invitations to all local subscribed members and other Wing Riders to attend the inaugural AGM at his house on Thursday, 1 August 1985 in order to get the club up and running.

This took place with eleven members joining, with the resulting committee consisting of:
• John Cole – Chairman
• Chris Bauermeester – Vice Chairman
• David Felmore – Secretary

Thereafter, monthly meetings took place on the first Thursday evening of each month at John Cole’s house and a bike run was organised for the third Sunday of each month. The first run was to Franschhoek. A monthly newsletter was published for the region.

John Cole proved to be a very enthusiastic and committed Chairman of the Western Cape Chapter and held the post for nine years before handing over to Morris Brown who was in this position for four years. He was then replaced by Wynand Smith who held the post until 2004 when he stood down and Richard Bokelmann took over for one year. Anton Bellingan was voted in as Chairman at the AGM in November 2005.


Other Chapters

The following six chapters initially joined Wing Riders of SA:

• Western Cape;
• Port Elizabeth;
• East London;
• Natal;
• Free State and
• Transvaal.


The first Wing Fling

Early in 1985, plans were initiated for the first Wing Fling to be held at Rob Ferreira Resort near Christiana in October 1985, where about 64 Gold Wings attended. The following year, 1986, the Wing Fling was once again held at the Rob Ferreira Resort.

The Western Cape discussed the option of having a Wing Fling in Cape Town in 1987 and to make it worthwhile for the members from the Reef, Natal, East London, Port Elizabeth and Free State to attend, a programme for a week-long event was arranged and presented to members at the Annual General Meeting. It was accepted and hence the 1987 Wing Fling was held at the Ritz Plaza Hotel, Sea Point, Cape Town, where 75 Gold Wings attended.

Since then, the Wing Fling has continued to be a week-long event.

For more information about the History of the Wing Fling, please click HERE.


Past and present National Presidents of Wing Riders SA

1985 Johan Hattingh
1988 Hendri Softly
1992 Frank Mc Nicol
2008 Anton Bellingan
2014 Hendrik Sadie
2017 Luke Hartog


Interesting facts

Wing Riders of South Africa CC

It was a great surprise when the archives of the Club were scrutinised to find documentary proof that at one stage a Closed Corporation (CC) was registered with the name WING RIDERS OF SOUTH AFRICA CC in 1991 by Hugh Monson, as a non-profit motorcycle club.

From correspondence in the archives it emerged that when the Western Cape Chapter was established, it was never brought to its attention that in fact a CC existed with the same name. The matter caused some stress among members and even attorneys were called in to resolve the differences among members and clubs.

A quick search on the Cipro webpage revealed that presently no such closed corporation exists any longer.


Registration of logo and name

A letter dated 30 September 1999 from the Bureau of Heraldry confirms the registration of the club’s name and logo which was registered under Government Notice No. 1125 in Government Gazette 20476 of 23 September 1999.


Wing Ding

In the archive, a facsimile dated November 1998, was found in which reference is made of a Zimbabwe Wing Ding that was to take place from 3 to 11 April 1999. Thirty-six participants are listed. Jacques van der Westhuizen confirmed that it did take place and regard this trip to Zimbabwe as one of the best holidays he and his late wife, Letha, ever had. Unfortunately, it ended on a sad note as Rita Richter was killed instantly on the way back when the rear wheel of their Gold Wing deflated and they left the road.


The first GL1500 in South Africa

The first GL1500 brought into South Africa in 1989, was a 1988 Aspencade owned by Tom and Phil Marquis, two lovely people from England who immigrated to SA, settling in Brackenfell in the Western Cape. Tom subsequently suffered a stroke, which physically incapacitated him, but being a strong person with a positive outlook who enjoyed biking, had an enclosed Watsonian sidecar built in London that he had fitted to the 1500. Phil then had to obtain her driver’s license for a sidecar. This bike built up quite a history since its introduction to this country and has, since the sad passing away of a true biker, Tom, became the proud possession of three other Western Cape members. First Wynand Smith and then Harry and Wilna Wium of De Doorns and thereafter Richard Bokelmann. We have no knowledge of the current whereabouts of this motorcycle.


As stated above, we look forward to and, in fact, depend on input/contributions 
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to add hereto, in order to have a broad overview of our club’s history.