From the President’s desk

Dear Wing Rider SA member, past and present,
as well as anyone who is taking the time to read here,

The first quarter of 2024 has flown by for all of us like lightning. Last year, we had these huge celebrations for our association’s 40th anniversary. However, the year 2024 kicked off on a very high note in both Chapters. We read about outrides from both Chapters, with more and more members joining in the outrides from month to month. This development is really exhilarating for all of us as we love to see how members enjoy outrides and each other’s company.

It can be safely said that things are going well with Wing Riders SA and its members. We have had members from both Chapters visiting friends in other parts of the country and they thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie, love and hospitality. Some were fortunate enough to join in on outrides. Let us always stay in contact with our fellow Wing Riders and inform our respective regions whenever we visit another Chapter’s area.

In March, during a quarterly National Council meeting, a proposal was made to re-establish the Garden Route Chapter. This proposal was necessitated by the considerable distance that members on the easternmost side of the Western Cape have to travel to join monthly outrides. This travel becomes very costly and time-consuming.

This proposal was unanimously approved and the wheels started rolling with the power and speed of a Wing. I am therefore proud to announce that on Saturday, 13 April 2024, a “kick-off” meeting was held and a Chapter Committee was elected. Being a small group at present, a reduced committee was approved by the NC. Consequently, each committee member will be responsible for two portfolios. This arrangement will remain in effect until their membership numbers justify the election of a full committee as per the WRSA Constitution.

The above deviation from the Constitution demonstrates the versatility and commitment of the National Council to act in the best interests of Wing Riders SA and all its members.

In addition to the good news shared above, we are proud to announce that our numbers are climbing, with many new members having joined our prestigious association since January 2024. As National Council members, we welcome each and every one of you and wish you a long and happy association with us. Please enjoy every moment on your bikes and/or trikes, whether as a rider or pillion. Embrace the camaraderie and remember, as with anything, the more you invest in your Chapter and newfound friends, the more you will gain from all of them.

Unfortunately, along with the good news, we also have to share some sad news. Just a few days ago, we learned of the passing of a couple who had joined Central Chapter in 2023. However, they informed Central Chapter shortly afterwards that their stay was temporary as they were relocating to Mossel Bay, which they did in mid-2023. They had met with and participated in a few outrides with members in that area and both had expressed their intention to join the newly established Garden Route Chapter. Sadly, this was not meant to be for them. Our heartfelt condolences go out to their loved ones, family, and friends during this trying time. Charmaine and Maria will surely be missed.

Wishing you all the best for the months to come, and we hope to see even more of our members at the annual Wing Fling, which will be held at Gariep Dam in early October. I am certain that there is still accommodation available at this point in time. You will surely miss out if you don’t attend.

Wing Riders Love and Regards
Pieter Fourie