Central Chapter: Newsletter November 2018

Newsletter – November 2018

Hello to all the Wingers and Winglettes

A number of items to be discussed – please take your time to read and respond where needed.

Central’s “iron butt” competition:
You will recall that we recorded the starting mileage of bikes and trikes by means of a photograph to me at the end of last year. The time has come to redo the exercise so that we can work out who put on the highest mileage in 2018. I have mistakenly told a few people that the rules stated that you have to be at the AGM with your Gold Wing to qualify. I went back to the original message to verify and realised that we never stated that categorically. So, as long as you send me a photograph of the mileage before 15 November, you are eligible.

Wing Fling 2018:
I will give feedback during the AGM (and follow up with a summary afterwards for the people that cannot attend the AGM; it will also be in the minutes) on the outcomes of the National AGM and associated decisions.

Wing Fling 2019:
Central has a serious mission on hand to showcase the 2019 Wing Fling due to a most enjoyable time that was had by all and the high standard that was set by the Western Cape Chapter.

Central finances:
To follow this newsletter, will be the summary of the income and expenses of the Central Chapter for the year ending August 2018. Please review and let us have any questions or comments beforehand.

Thank you to all who have booked accommodation. A number of people cannot make it on the Saturday for various reasons, but will be there for the AGM on Sunday morning at 09:00 on 18 November 2018 at Stonehenge Lodge, Parys. The agenda and full financial statements will be e-mailed this weekend. Please feel free to let Suzette know if you wish to add any additional agenda items.

Central Committee nominations:
With the resignation of a number of the current committee members, nominations and proposals will have to be finalised soonest. Election of new office bearers will take place during the AGM. Please submit your nominations as soon as possible. Ensure that the persons you nominate, have agreed to the nomination.

Midvaal cycle race marshalling – 11 November 2018:
You will recall that we were invited by the Midvaal Municipality to showcase our Gold Wings and act as marshals for the day. This event has unfortunately been cancelled.

That’s all for today
Safe riding

2 November 2018


News update Central AGM 2018

Hello All

The Splitpin and Grobler families visited Stonehenge yesterday to take care of all the final arrangements. All in the interest of having an enjoyable time together!

Please take note of all the following points:

We have decided to shift the AGM out by ONE hour – it will now be held at
10 am on Sunday,
18 November 2018 at
Stonehenge Lodge, Parys.
Stonehenge in Africa
Kopjeskraal Road
26.901615, 27.390021

The reason is two-fold: Some members will only be coming through in the morning for the AGM. That will give them a bit more time to get to Parys (and hopefully entice more people to also come through. It is after all YOUR club and your decisions that count!) The other reason is that all rooms must be vacated by 10 am on the Sunday. That will then leave us enough time to have a leisurely breakfast and check out before the AGM.

For all the people that come through on the Friday:
We will all be having the burger braai at the campsite. Plates, cutlery and braais organised. Thanks to Johan D and Suzette for the sponsorship – I understand they will be the braai masters as well. (I am allowed to dream!) Garnish and sauces for the burgers will be provided too. Everyone is requested to bring their own salads to accompany their burgers. Try to be there by 6-ish latest. Anybody with a guitar? Bring it along. Ons gaan lekker kuier om die kampvuur.

A number of practical points:
There will be extension cords scattered around the camping area – please bring extension cords and multiplugs.

Campers – you can bring what you want to drink … but please keep it in the campsite area only. Lodge people, I am sure there will be space in some of the caravan fridges … you know what I mean. All drinks on the lodge premises are to be bought from the lodge bar only. Ensure you have enough cash on you for the drinks as you cannot run a tab. There are card facilities though.

You are free to bring your own wine and sparkling wine to the dinner and a corkage fee of R35 is applicable which is much lower that the prices on the wine list.

Whoever can, please bring extra wood for the braai and campfire. Also, it might be good if you can bring your own camping chairs. There are a number of lodge chairs scattered on the lawn, but I am not sure it will be enough for all of us (and it looks uncomfortable).

For the lodge people – you can book in any time after 2 pm into your room. However, seeing that there will be a number of people already from the Friday, come early and hang out at the campsite with the other Wingers.

Saturday is at leisure and no formal activities will take place. Shopping can be done in Parys … for your own account. I understand there is quite a nice road between Parys and Potchefstroom. So, for the 2 and 3 wheelers, why not have a run Saturday morning, say at 11am to Potch for a small bite? (30-minute ride.)

Johan (the chappie that entertained us in March at Nic and Maraai’s place) will be with us on Saturday evening as well.

Dinner is in a dedicated venue. Dress code for Saturday is smart casual and we will meet at around 6 pm next to the pool outside the dinner hall for socialising together.

The same venue will be used for the AGM the next morning. The buffet breakfast is, however, at the main hall with other lodge guests.

There are no formal riding arrangements to Stonehenge this time. Please make your own way to the lodge – you are free to post on Central Official when you plan to leave to see if anybody will be able to join.

And remember to send a photograph of your odometer to me if you want to be eligible for the ‘iron butt’ award!

That’s all from me for the time being
Safe riding

4 November 2018