Central Chapter: Newsletter September 2018

Hello everybody

2018 Wing Fling 2018

The 2018 Wing Fling and associated national AGM is around the corner. You would have received, by e-mail, all the necessary documentation for your input and review as an active member of the club.

Central AGM and year-end function

You have received the date and venue details already. (17 and 18 November at Stonehenge close to Parys). Please ensure your reservation is confirmed with them directly as soon as possible. Please confirm with Suzette too.

Just a practical point. We had some comments, not about the quality, but the selection of the food during our last outrun to the establishment. Trust me, this has been addressed and the menu has been carefully selected not to have the same issue. They are well aware that the Wingers and Winglettes are quite fussy and expect the highest standard!

Remember – all the committee members are standing down and a new committee has to be elected. A nomination of a member must be accompanied by the written consent of the nominee. You are free to nominate existing committee members for re-election, but it also has to be confirmed with the consent of the member. Please send directly to Suzette for collation.

Speaking of which: Suzette and I will officially stand down from the committee at the event of the AGM and are not available for re-election. We are in the process to relocate to Cape Town and that should materialise somewhere during the course of 2019. Given the fact that the 2019 Wing Fling is the responsibility of the Central Chapter, we feel it prudent to rather stand down now and ensure continuity by the new committee right from the beginning of the planning process. We will, of course, assist and support wherever and whenever we are called upon to do so.

We have received a proposal for the establishment of a Mpumalanga Chapter which will be discussed at the Central AGM. Frikkie and Amelia will deliver a proposal during the AGM and then it will be debated. Please prepare your thoughts around this proposal.

Nominations for the four awards for 2018, are still open – proposals to Suzette directly, please:

  • Wing Rider of the year
  • Spirit of the Year
  • Lady Rider of the Year
  • Newcomer(s) of the Year

Highest mileage for the Year will be selected on Saturday amongst the bikes and trikes at the venue.

Wing Fling 2019

We have made some progress with The Nest in the Drakensberg for a possible venue, only to have overlooked one important point (thanks, Stefan). The entrance to The Nest could potentially be “challenging” on 2-wheelers when wet, and October is rain season. Now we are down to a venue in either Port Edward or Vryburg. We are planning for a 7-day event again with costs being a major factor for consideration.

That’s all for today. Safe travels to everybody going to the 2018 Wing Fling and see you all at the Central AGM in November. Please make your reservation!