Introductory message from the National President

18 October 2022


Dear Members

After both our children graduated from university in 2010, we were thinking of what to do with the “extra money” as they both went out of the house – and out of our pockets – simultaneously. I, of course, had only one thing in mind and that was to buy a Gold Wing. However, my wife, Monika, has never been on a motorcycle, thus I bought a 1985 1100cc, just to see how we will adjust to this new adventure.

Needless to say, we both enjoyed it tremendously and after only three months I saw an advertisement for a Gold Wing 1800 GL, 2001 model. I didn’t call my wife, but merely forwarded the pictures to her. Within ten minutes she called me with the words, “when are you buying it for us?” That following Saturday we went to Boksburg and took it for a test drive. We took a BMW RT for a test drive as well. On return to the dealership, we negotiated the price and we bought our first (previously loved) Gold Wing GL1800. A red one. Of course.

We went riding our two-wheeler as often as possible, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute in the seat. We went on many rallies with a group consisting of many different motorcycles, but mainly Harley owners. We travelled to Mozambique, the west coast (twice), and Margate many times. We were hooked on our Gold Wing.

However, I always had a Gold Wing trike in the back of my mind, and when I saw an advert for a private sale, I jumped at the opportunity. Hence, our current, and final buy – a red 2007 GL1800 trike.

In 2018, the other group split up due to the emigration of members and others selling their bikes and we were wondering where to from there. I must add that the two of us took many trips on our own as well, and we loved that too.

Then we got to know about Wing Riders SA, and in December 2018 I made contact. We were invited on a few outrides to test the climate and for the Wing Riders to “assess” us. We then paid our joining, membership and ride-along fees and never looked back. Since then, we have been proud to be associated with and be called Wing Riders ourselves.

With the above background in mind, you will appreciate my surprise when I was approached to stand for National President of Wing Riders SA. After much deliberation, I accepted the nomination by Central Chapter.

Having been elected to fill this position during the event of the 2022 Wing Fling, is not only an honour and privilege, but at the same time a challenge to lead a special group of people and a niche market of Honda Gold/Silver Wing and Honda Valkyrie owners and enthusiasts.

My vision for Wing Riders SA, together with all the elected National Council members will be to:

  • Serve you, our members who are our most important assets, to the best of our ability;
  • Improve our communication with members by being available if and when required;
  • Uphold the Constitution;
  • Run a clean administration;
  • Do our utmost to increase our numbers in both Chapters;
  • Assist Honda Gold Wing owners in KZN to establish a new Chapter for their region; and
  • Care for and assist members on various levels as and when the need arises.

From the above, you may have concluded that I am a people person, and I wish to ensure you of my integrity, honesty, and respect for others. I am also a results-driven person who will ensure you receive the treatment from NC members that you deserve.

Finally, I want to encourage each and every member to:

  • Read through the Association’s Constitution;
  • Acquaint yourself with the content of the Members Manual;
  • When donning your Wing Riders colours, do so with pride and responsibility; and
  • When on the road with your Wings and wearing your colours, be proud and let it show how proud an Association we are.

Remember, you are our best ambassadors out there.

I thank you.

Pieter Fourie