2018 Wing Fling Awards and Trophies

Wing Riders of South Africa prides itself on riding the best touring bikes ever made. These bikes are not only amazing machines to own and ride, but are absolute show-stoppers when displayed in public. The annual Concours D’Elegance is a highlight on our annual calendar and is a time when our members get to really show off their bikes, not only amongst each other, but also to the general public.

The 2018 Concours D’Elegance during the event of the 2018 Wing Fling, once again, was much more than a trophy and a pat on the back. The awards process is an opportunity to analyse your bike, trike or rig, and to open yourself up to feedback from professionals. Ultimately, it’s about recognition and ongoing encouragement to own a splendid Gold Wing.

Judges worked according to a set of strict rules and a scoring system guide as developed by Luke Hartog, President of Wing Riders SA. (These are set out in the Wing Riders SA Member Manual.)

Congratulations to the following winners (see the photos below):

2018 Concours D’Elegance Trophies

 Gold (First) 
Silver (Second)
Bronze (Third)
1800 bike Johan Degenaar Delphius Symington Hendrik Sadie
1800 trike James Steenkamp Poena Oosthuizen Sarel van Niekerk
1800 rig Sarel van Niekerk Johan Degenaar Delphius Symington
1500 bike Frik de Wit Johnno Glover Wempie Jacobs
1500 trike Dirk Venter Gerdus le Roux Kevin van Niekerk
1500 rig Kevin van Niekerk Renthia van der Merwe N/a
Silver Wing Wynand Smith N/a N/a
Light Parade Delphius Symington Delphius Symington Frik de Wit
Light Parade Consolations James Steenkamp Maraai Hechter Elise van der Merwe
Concours D’Elegance Dirk Venter


The 2018 trophies



More photos to view, click HERE.