Central Chapter: Newsletter July 2018

Hello Everybody

Welcome to the second half of 2018.

This newsletter is quite short as we have an important topic to introduce. More about that at the end.

A few reminders:

  • Please ensure that your bookings are made with Barbara for the Mystery Run in August (25th and 26th). Space is limited and filling up fast.
  • Our July 22 run is to the Warmbaths area where Dias found us a great destination for the day. Details to follow later. We will make it a brunch run so that we can avoid the late afternoon Sunday traffic on the N1.
  • The October Wing Fling payments and bookings are open and are to be made through Melanie. You are welcome to pay in instalments, before final payment is required at the end of August.

Now: After many years in the making, the famous Wing Riders Member Manual is finally seeing the light. We are pleased to announce that the manual has been approved by all the past Presidents and National Council and is now ready to be distributed to all members. The document will be sent to you by e-mail in parallel to this newsletter.

Please pay special attention to the important message on page 2 of the manual which puts the document in perspective (and I copy it here for the sake of clarity):

“The aim of this manual is to elaborate, clarify and create transparency and consistency among members and Chapter Committees regarding the interpretation of the Constitution of Wing Riders SA. At all times, in this manual, the Constitution is the governing document of fundamental principles according to which the Wing Riders SA is to be governed.”

Please take your time and go through it.

Also an important point – we will be testing the Concourse d’Elegance scoring method, as per the procedure detailed in section 5.2 of the manual, during our event at Honda Menlyn on the 11th of August. After this test, and the necessary feedback and adjustments made (if needed), it will then become the de facto standard for all evaluations in future.

In closing, our thoughts are with Pax and Lesley during this difficult time.

Safe riding and keep warm!