Central Chapter run: Red Star Raceway, 20 May 2018

Members left the final departure point in Boksburg at 08:30 on Sunday morning to travel to Red Star Raceway. On arrival, coffee was the first item on the agenda as most members left home in temperatures somewhere between 5° and 10° Celsius.

Quintin Coetser, manager at Red Star Raceway, entertained members with an extremely interesting talk on biker safety and most, if not all, learned a great deal. The professionalism, facilities, and most importantly, the welcoming attitude, made for a great day that will be long remembered.

Members then enjoyed a delicious breakfast where after Wing Riders were given the complimentary opportunity to go onto the extremely well-maintained track. (Government could learn a few lessons here on how to maintain tar roads!) Those who chose to go onto the track, accelerated, gave it their all and came off the track exhilarated, excited and pumping with adrenalin. Members enjoyed the day thoroughly and fun was had by all.

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