Central Chapter run: Toeka se Dae near Bela Bela on 22 July 2018

Members and guests departed from the Petroport on the N1, north of Pretoria, at 09:45 on Sunday morning. There were in total 55 people, 18 bikes and 14 trikes.

Dias van der Merwe organised this lovely run for us and we were blessed with a sunny and cool morning.

Our destination was Toeka se Dae, a unique farm stall situated on the R516 and 1 km from the N1 on the road to Bela Bela.

Everyone sat down to a scrumptious buffet breakfast in the restaurant where we spent the morning among friends.

In between, some members wandered off to the very interesting store with home-baked goods, fresh farm bread, homemade ginger beer, rusks, beef, pork, lamb, a big variety of game, biltong and droëwors (beef and game), “kaiings”, “skilpadjies”, a variety of curios, “gatbrand souse”, ice cold beer, mampoer and many entertaining items on sale.

Hester Kotze received her colours today. Congratulations and welcome!


Chris de Lange was the lucky winner of our monthly raffle. Congratulations and enjoy!

For all the photos of the run, please click HERE.