Western Cape Newsletter – February 2020

Hello to all the Wing Riders

On behalf of the Western Cape Chapter committee members, I want to wish you all a very prosperous 2020 and may it be a great year for all of you.

We have already shared the official events calendar for this year and a number of these events are in the final stages of planning. Please make a note in your diaries of these dates. (The Western Cape Chapter year planner appears below for easy reference.)

We take this opportunity to also welcome new members that have joined us recently as well as those joining us in the month of January 2020. We wish you plenty of safe and enjoyable miles with us.

During the month of January 2020, we had the following events:

  • The club meeting on 11 January 2020 which was attended by 25 members; lots of discussions took place and members were informed of their annual membership fees that were due by the end of January 2020 as was agreed to at the 2019 AGM and is also in the Constitution.
  • At our January 2020 meeting, we agreed that we will cancel our February, March and April meetings at the clubhouse. This is due to the events we planned where we agreed more outings will keep our team together and we will be able to meet members from the various areas more often.
  • We are running with a raffle and hope to do the draw before the Wing Fling 2020. This was discussed with Peter and Delphius. It was then agreed to bring Suzette from National on board to assist so that both chapters can participate.
  • It was agreed that full or part payment is to be done for the 2020 Wing Fling by 10 February 2020 to confirm accommodation for October 2020.
  • We have booked the hotel for 76 members, but as at January 2020, we have 106 members who have booked; hence we need members to make their deposits to secure their rooms.
  • On 19 January 2020, we had our breakfast run to Kleinmond which can be found on this link: https://goldwingsa.co.za/western-cape-chapter-run-to-kleinmond-on-19-january-2020/

For the month of February 2020, we had the following planned:

1) The run on 15 &16 February 2020 to Wine Tasting and Drakenstein Prison Restaurant:

A great run for WC attended by 18 bikes and 31 members. We thank our Garden Route members for joining in the weekend’s events.

2) Underprivileged feeding on 29 February: We teamed up with a few clubs to feed 50 children in Touws River. A great day for all although badly attended by Western Cape. The members who came did a great job in making up hygienic packets as well as party packs and food parcels. The children had a meal which was done by the other group. To the Wing Riders who donated for this event, you will be blessed as these children enjoyed what they received. The donation of grapes from our two farmers, thank you. I am sure the children will enjoy it during the next few days.

For March 2020, we have the following planned and discussed:

We are busy with Saldana Hotel for a sleepover. Once members have confirmed, we will make the booking or go for a ride on the 22 March 2020.

For April 2020, we have the following planned:

On 19 April 2020, we plan to do a progressive run whereby we will ride to Caledon for breakfast and then from there, to De Doorns at Cynthia and Gerdus’ place, for lunch.

The Wing Fling Chart has been sent out and members have been communicating with various group leaders on what they can assist with during the Wing Fling. I ask that members please give feedback to me if your group leader has not communicated with you as yet. (See chart below.)

During this Wing Fling, we will have to work together as the funding of R25 000 from National has been stopped since it has been decided that Chapters work on fundraisers and if need be, the hosting chapter can motivate if they need funding and NC will then discuss the chapter’s motivation before approval.

Still on the 2020 Wing Fling – to get the benefits of a reduced cost for the six days, WC has negotiated a strict payment schedule whereby the last payment must be made by June 2020. It is, therefore, a strong wish of the Western Cape Chapter that members make the full payment by the end of January. If that is difficult, please arrange to pay monthly instalments in order to have made full payment by June latest. A full refund is guaranteed up to 60 days before the event in case of unforeseen circumstances. Total cost per room (sharing) is R8795 and the single rate is R6774. If your partner is a non-member, you will have to pay an extra R500.

Our Wing Riders group and our club are great. The primary goal is to be able to ride our Wings and to find reasons to do it. This is the reason we are putting more into our monthly outings.

In order to help the committee, we ask that members please give ideas and be positive and show your interest in joining in the planned rides or at least follow-up on your attendance. We have done well for the month of January and February and with more members assisting, the rest of the year can only be better and before you know it, the year is on its way out.

The committee is there to co-ordinate, not to entertain. All have work to do, but we ask for at least 10 minutes of your time in the evening or morning to give feedback on our chat group be it official or social chat group. Your feedback will assist our planning greatly.

Remember, the club belongs to all of us. You must make it work as you are a member of Wing Riders SA (WRSA).

It is with great sadness that we received the news of the passing away of Anna Smith on 12 February 2020. Anna has been a member of Wing Riders for 36 years and served in many positions at chapter level, as well as at National level. Anna was an honorary member of Wing Riders SA since 2005. Our deepest condolences to Wynand and his family on the loss of his wife. May you find the strength to carry on your calling in life. We, here at Wing Riders, will always be there for you as we are also your family.

Until our next newsletter in March – be safe when travelling.

Year planner for Western Cape Chapter:

Date Time Departure Destination Comments Responsible
8 Feb 14:00 Clubhouse Meeting Clubhouse Cancel
16 Feb 08:30 N2 Club run Breakfast run and lunch Greg/Peter
15 Mar 14:00 Clubhouse Meeting WF Committee meeting Cancel
21 Mar Saturday Human Rights Day 09:00 Overnight Saldanha or ride Delphius will advise Delphius/


27 & 28 Mar Swallows Rally Worcester A few members attending On your own
3 to 5 April 09:00 Buffalo Rally Buff rally -Hartenbos A few members attending On your own
10 to 13 April 14:00 Easter weekend Long weekend Delphius to arrange and advise Delphius/ Igsaan
19 April 08:00 Progressive run De Doorns Gerdus/ Cynthia
27 April Monday Freedom Day Planning needed
9 May 14:00 Clubhouse Meeting WF Committee meeting Exco
10 May Sunday Mother’s Day
17 May 08:30 N2 – BP Garage Kleinmond breakfast Johan H/ Andre
13 June 14:00 Clubhouse Meeting WF Committee meeting Exco
21 June 08:00 Montagu or Worcester Father’s Day/club run Father’s Day Run cancelled unless we do it on 20 June Ceraj and John


11 Jul 14:00 Clubhouse Meeting WF Committee Exco
19 Jul 08:30 Club run Donny/ Kenny
8 to 10 Aug 14:00 Long weekend Woman’s Day on 10th Aug Long weekend Delphius to advise Delphius/ Igsaan
16 Aug 13:00 Club run Wynand/ Deon
12 Sept 14:00 Clubhouse Annual General Meeting WF Committee Exco
20 Sept 09:30 Club run Delphius/ Igsaan
11 to 17 Oct Wing Fling The Moorings Hotel, Knysna Committee
18 Oct 09:30 Club run Cancelled
21 Nov 18:00 Year end-function and prize giving Exco


My note sent out on 14 January 2020 regarding the working committee for Wing Fling, refers. Based on the feedback received, a revised listing has been done below. Should members feel they cannot get involved, or want to get involved, or would like to change groups, or if members feel they are not attending the Wing Fling and would not like to be involved in the groups, please let us know.

Activity or event Co-ordinator(s) Team
Concourse Luke and Delphius Wynand, Frank, Boet, Johan Hattingh, Alan and Jaap
Trophies Delphius and Jaap Deon, Igsaan, NC, Heinrich and Honda representative
Wing Fling shirts / golf shirts Krish and Delphius National and WC Exco
Goody bags Krish Gail, Cynthia, Gerdus, James, Amorita, Dick, Martina, Renthia, Suzette, Donny, Feroza, Nazli and Ceraj
Gala evening Krish Gail, Cynthia, Gerdus, James, Amorita, Dick, Martina, Renthia, Suzette, Donny, Feroza, Nazli and Ceraj
Hotel arrangements, meals, room allocations Krish WC Exco and NC
NC and AGM arrangements Krish WC Exco and NC
Auction, raffles and fundraising Boet André, Richard, Martina, Lizbe, Deon, Philippe
Daily runs and entertainment Johan Hattingh Elise, Gys, Kevin, Sarel, Heinrich and Igsaan
Underprivileged feeding Johan Hattingh Elise, Gys, Kevin, Sarel, Heinrich, Igsaan, Feroza and Krish