Western Cape Newsletter: July 2019


It looks and feels as if we are going to have a long winter. Mid-June, we had the first heavy rainfall and I believe it did affect the Western Cape badly.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Delphius for being instrumental in getting all the new members on board with Wing Riders SA. We hope to see these members at our Chapter runs on 21 July 2019 and at Chapter AGM on 17 August 2019.

We wish all the Wing Riders a speedy recovery and may your health go from strength to strength. They say once you reach the age of just over 40, uphill begins. It’s a good thing we have our Gold Wings … so we don’t feel the uphill. Please take care as your health cannot be negotiated.

Please see on the WhatsApp chat where Delphius asks about members’ interest in the various badges that are on sale. Please check and advise Igsaan if you are interested.

The Wing Fling has been confirmed and information has been sent on our chats. Please ensure you confirm with our executive whether you will be attending or not. We have three months to go before we on our way to the Wing Fling.

Members, accommodation is limited and it is available on a first come first served basis. At this stage, we have asked for 13 rooms to be held for WC. Members who confirmed at our last meeting that you plan to go, we will liaise with you during the month of July.

We will discuss plans to travel by the end of July to see whether we can all depart on a chosen date, once we have the names of members going.

The NC had their first face to face meeting in Gauteng in June 2019 which Delphius and I attended. Having made history, the meeting proved to be a success. Lots of action points for WC and we hope to complete all by the end of July. We have asked members to advise how they see National Council and whether they have any goals for NC, to please send to Delphius or me.

For the Wing Riders membership cards, we have sent application forms to members and those who have completed the form, thank you and to those who have not, please complete the form and send it to Boet. Please complete the form on this confidential link https://goo.gl/forms/yKY8FQZly3109tGM2, answer the questions and click on “submit” at the bottom. This can be done on your computer or even your phone. It is a 3 to 5-minute process. 

We have plans for a run on 21 July and the overnight camping will not happen in July, but a run is being planned and will be advised a week before 21 July. Please ensure you write in the date on your calendar for a run.

The AGM for Western Cape will be on 17 Aug 2019 at our Club House at 13:00. We ask that members please avail themselves for elections as present executive needs to take a backseat and recover having been here for the last four years on the executive.

We have 66 members the last time I checked, and we would love you all to make arrangements to attend our AGM.

Map on the location of the clubhouse.

Our run in September will be on 15 September 2019 so please avail yourself.

Since we have the Wing Fling in October,  from 6 to 11 October, we will arrange a run on 20 October 2019.

We ask that members give us names of who would like to host the Progressive Run on 17 November. The Progressive Run has been in the club since Wynand’s time. What happens on this Sunday run, is that we will join at a member’s home for breakfast and then at another member’s home for a light lunch and then finally at another home for tea. All the cost will be paid by members so normally it works out to be about R60 to R70 per member for the day. Delphius has offered breakfast on that day, but the distance to Calvinia is a problem so we had to cancel. We will be happy if three members close to Cape Town can avail their homes for the Progressive Run. Please contact me if you would like to have us at your home on this day, 17 November, which is a Sunday.

For our Christmas dinner, we ask that members give us some ideas as to where you want to have this dinner on 7 or 14 December 2019. Please send all your ideas to Delphius. We had one suggestion to go to The Burner at Canal Walk. They serve Indian foods.

Wish you all well for July and enjoy yourself until we meet on 21 July.

Krish Naidoo
Chairperson: Western Cape Chapter